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Dear visitor! Jennygunay.com are a brand new website and we are currently working on adding the swedish language on the website and make it multilingual ! Please, feel free to contact me, if you have any questions here or on my facebook ! Sorry for the inconvenience!

My services

Sometimes you end up under certain choices in life, which makes it difficult to further develop as a person or in your professional role. Sometimes you feel that you have lost strength and need someone to guide one on the right path again.
No matter what your reason is, JennyGunay is there for YOU!

Choosing one of my services based on your life situation gives you yourself and your life a sustainable investment. All packages and online courses be combine with my VIP package which give you more exclusive advantages and individual sessions.


Reclaim Yourlife


Reclaim yourself is the course platform where you get help maximizing your health and mental capacity.



Sometimes we need coaching in our life



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What others has to say

Jenny is good at a multifaceted health work with techniques that not so many (sometimes nobody) here in Sweden use. I’ve had some improvements in body parts that I thought it was completely the end for. She mixes what’s beneficial to the body with what’s beneficial to the other senses of mind and soul. She is a lovely person, and I highly recommend her services.

Britta Ekström

Preschool teacher, Gothenburg, Sweden

What I’m thinking of when I think about Jenny is that she has a great ability to make people open up, to let out the deepest secrets they’ve never told anyone before, which is so important for healing. The second is how she, as long as I have known her, has used the humor and laughter in the darkest situations to turn negative emotions, which is so extremely central to healing.

Anna Blair

ex co worker, Calgary Canada

Wow! Imagine that, for the longest time I`ve dreamed of having a small café and exhibiting my photos and now I am doing it! I do not know how to thank Jenny for all her support. Without Jenny I’d never dared to turn my dreams in to reality and here I am today as a praised photographer and entrepreneur.

Hanna Carpemo

Photographer, Entrepreneur & Mother of four, Järvsjöby, Sweden

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Turning a weakness in to a blessing

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Reclaim yourself after abuse

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Expand your health