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Look at my blog as a buffet of contents … some of it will resonate with you and other don’t. Thats perfectly fine because we are at different places in life, with different needs and from different backgrounds. You are unique and still as human beings we also have so much in common.  Please, read my blog and take what serves you and learn about what serves others. Keep the comments in a high vibe with love and respect! Look at this blog as a dialog with me… I am here to serve you and I love to get feedback on my sharing. Please tell me what resonates with you and why.  Please tell me what you would like me to write more about … personal development, spiritual phenomena, success tips, trauma healing or…?


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Turning a weakness in to a blessing

I am more pleased with others' successes than my own. I can lift others and sell in other but have had difficulty doing the same for myself. I pay smoothly what others are worth but have had trouble charging my own worth. I have done som serious soul work on that...

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Reclaim yourself after abuse

You know what, no one wants to be a victim. Sometimes coaches make a big deal of not being a victim, but so far I've never met a single victim who wanted to be a victim. On the contrary. No one wants to be powerless, exposed and without voice. Nobody wants to be seen...

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Your voice matters

Visualize that you have a microphone that ALL people across the world can hear. This is your chance to influence all mankind. In one sentence , formulate quickly what you want to say. What is your message to the world? When I did this exercise, my message became: "Do...

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Welcome to Jenny-Gunay

I`ll admit it at ones so you know what you will get on my side: Too much! Too much color, knowledge, passion, dedication, joy and love, yes simply too much of LIFE! From that we are kids, the society is training us for adaptation. It hurts when we do not fit into the...

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