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Transformational Life Coaching

Do you know what all the ridiculously successful people have in common? They invest in the best coaches in the world, in order to reach the greatest results possible with the least amount of effort. Stop wasting time and energy doing everything yourself! Wherever in the world you are located, whatever your life situation, you can hire Jenny to be your private Life Coach. With efficiency and focus she will guide you to clarity, help you maximize your mental strength, and support your reaching your goals in ALL areas of life. Book your session today! .

Business Success Coaching

Jenny learned business coaching at a business coaching firm that focuses on business expansion and customer care for large international corporations. It dawned on her that also small business and individuals could make use of the methods taught. And there it started… Regardless of whether you are just starting up, or are an experienced entrepreneur, your business will benefit tremendously from the inner tools and success strategies Jenny gives you access to as your Business Coach. Contact her today!

Support Sessions/Trauma

Life happens to all of us. Jenny has many years of experience of counselling people who suffer from grief and emotional hurt. Sometimes our present life circumstances are great, but we still feel like crap due to the traumas in our past. Jenny listens to you and will safely guide you to a better state of mind. Trauma Support Sessions are always 60 minutes long. Book your appointment here.

Coaching is available in English, Swedish and Spanish


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Availible in swedish, English and spanish!

Expand your health

Expand your health