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In this program we leave all the guilt and shame where it belongs, and love ourselves every step along the way!

Coaching program for weight reduction … chronic obesity

Has your weight fluctuated a lot in your life? Are you heavier than you have ever been? Are you ready for change, but afraid it will turn out just like before: that you will lose the weight but regain it all again, with interest!? That is a really hopeless feeling, and if that is not enough it is also damaging to your body. This course is not a diet! It is a method that gives you the tools you need to succeed, regardless of how you choose to lose the weight. Counting calories or having gastric bypass surgery will not be enough, without also treating your mind and soul. In this program we leave all the guilt and shame where it belongs, and love ourselves every step along the way. Regardless of your choice of weight loss, through surgery or on your own, you have to work on yourself first in order to keep the weight off and BE happy at every weight.








In this course

Information about carrying excess weight and the mechanisms behind chronic obesity
information/exercises that deals with the societal prejudices around weight issues and health
Help to leave guilt and shame behind you

Writing exercises for personal development and practices in mindfulnesss that will help you reach your goals
Purpose activation – a five day long intensive course to find your personal innate strength
Practical strategies to successfully changing eating behaviors, dealing with emotional eating etc.
Dealing with the inner blockages that are preventing you from reaching your goal Guided Meditations and coaching in changing negative thought patterns and perspectives
We make a concrete plan of the action items needed completion in order to achieve our vision
You complete each step of your action plan and celebrate every milestone along the way

 For you who need to lose weight but suffer from an eating disorder there is a special follow-up program after this course

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Expand your health

Expand your health