Reclaim your pregnancy magic



Pregnancy is not a disease.
It must have been a man who came up with that expression
.? Sure, it can be wonderful to be pregnant and feel like a beautiful and life-giving mother Goddess who radiates health. But sometimes it is not quite as wonderful. At all. Sometimes it is painful and risky. Regardless of whether you feel fine during your pregnancy and everything is normal, or if it is the exact opposite of that, there is a program for you. Reclaim your pregnancy magicis for you who are thriving in your pregnancy but who wish to reach a magical state where your pregnancy is the ultimate experience. Reclaim your pregnancy – no matter whatis for you who has a more challenging, and perhaps even medically challenging (/high risk) pregnancy.








In this course

we work to deepen your well-being during pregnancy and the relationship with the child that grows in it. We make up with society’s ideas about pregnancy and maternity and go into the depths of what you want and need. Lectures and practical exercises for both body and mind will be completed in this course. Free access to meditations, healing, massage and creative exercises to pay tribute to yourself and the growing life during pregnancy. You can also take part in exercises that solve blockages and fears that we all knowingly or unconsciously for pregnancy, childbirth and maternity leave.

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Expand your health

Expand your health