Reclaim your pregnancy – no matter what



Pregnancy is not a disease.

It must have been a man who came up with that expression.? Sure, it can be wonderful to be pregnant and feel like a beautiful and life-giving mother Goddess who radiates health. But sometimes it is not quite as wonderful. At all. Sometimes it is painful and risky. Regardless of whether you feel fine during your pregnancy and everything is normal, or if it is the exact opposite of that, there is a program for you. Reclaim your pregnancy magicis for you who are thriving in your pregnancy but who wish to reach a magical state where your pregnancy is the ultimate experience. Reclaim your pregnancy – no matter whatis for you who has a more challenging, and perhaps even medically challenging (/high risk) pregnancy.









In this course

In this course you will learn ways of thinking, perspectives and strategies that allow you to reclaim your pregnancy and feel joy. We re-evaluate the word “natural” and find ways to make this Your pregnancy, no matter what. Through self care, meditations, and creative practices we attach to and celebrate the growing life within you, as it is right now. You will receive suggestions for yoga positions that you can perform even if you can hardly move at all, when even regular pregnancy yoga is too much. We clear blockages and fears and replace them with positive affirmations, at the same time practicing gratefulness over the good in the current situation. We also go through your birth preparations and how you – if you need it – can have the most natural caesarean section possible.  

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Expand your health