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Reclaim yourself is the course platform where you get help maximizing your health and mental capacity. Here are courses to heal yourself, define your dreams and reach your goals.
No matter where you are in life there is a course for you.

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No matter where you are in life, we all need to professional guidance and support. Therefore i offering you three different cources and content depending on where and what you need in YOUR life!

Reclaim your health

It is said that a healthy person has a thousand wishes, and a sick person only one: to be well. Without your physical health you have nothing, because your body is the temple where you reside. Your body is your guide and if you listen closely, it will tell you what it needs. Often it has taken a long time to develop disease – maybe you have ignored your body’s signals – and therefore your healing may take a bit of time as well. Sometimes people are healed miraculously and without explanation, to their doctors’ astonishment. Other times, tests show that the disease is still there but the person is living unhindered as if it is not. I don’t know exactly what your personal healing will look like, but I have created a program that will help you reclaim your physical health. It is my conviction that because our essence is whole, we can transform and upgrade our bodies in remarkable ways. I am myself living proof of this! Select the workshop that best suits your needs and take my hand, and we will embark on your health journey together!

Reclaim your power within

Release your inner artist, live your dream, improve your mental mental strength and expand your spiritual path with the workshops and courses in this program… ( More courses that help you to improve your mental strength and expand your spiritual path will be launched later 2019 … …. stay tuned for more courses to be uploaded for you to reclaim your power within!

Reclaim your voice

Children who are victims of sexual abuse have no voice. They try to make themselves heard, but very few adults choose to face their reality and do something about it. Sexually abused children learn to turn off their emotions and their bodies in order to survive. These survival strategies, and others, often accompany the victims into adulthood. This project is for you to reclaim your voice, your body, your self esteem, your joy of life, your creativity, your boundaries, and your place on Earth. I know it is possible! I have over twenty years of experience working with people who were sexually abused as children. I have worked with people who were victims of everything from what would be classified as “sexual harassment”, to incest, sexual torture, and child trafficking. No violation is too small or too big for you to not to be worthy and deserving of feeling great in every area of your life. We pretend like it is only a small and specific group of of children who are sexually abused, when in fact almost all girls, and many boys, experience abuse at some point in their childhood.

The Courses

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Expand your health

Expand your health