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Jenny has organized Health, Spirituality and Personal Development retreats for women since the mid-90s. Her groups are purposefully small, in order to be able to work at the deepest possible level both with the individual participants and the group as a whole. 2018 was “The big shift”, when the earth upgraded to the 5th dimension, and the uprising of the female divine energy. For Jenny, this shift meant that she began to focus fully on leading retreats, helping people make radical transformations and transitioning to a higher level of consciousness and being. These spiritual retreats are intense and resemble nothing you have ever experienced before. Some participants compare it to years of traditional talk therapy, others experience it as being similar to effects of Peruvian plant medicine. Everyone has their own personal experience, with the common thread being the immensely healing transformation of body and soul. In order to achieve the best results for her participants, Jenny works with you for the weeks, sometimes months, leading up to the retreat.

The Shakti Retreat

The Shakti retreat is a retreat for women where the ancient wisdom of our Foremothers meet present day medical codes (?). The Shakti energy is the feminine life energy of the Universe. It is life energy in itself and the fastest route to healing. We upgrade to higher levels of awakening and say Yes to ourselves in our fullest potential. Jenny is a Healer and Shaman who will take you on a sacred journey that can be equivalent to 10-30 years of traditional therapy. You don’t have to take plant medicine from Peru in order to depart of this deeply healing transformation journey – there are other methods to achieve the same results. But it does requires some practice, guidance, courage and an open mind. Every Shakti retreat consists of a small group of women who truly feel their souls calling them to participate and who yearn for genuine and true Sisterhood. You are perhaps already a practicing Healer, or maybe you are just now starting to feel a strong longing for the spiritual. Regardless of what the future holds for you, and no matter what others will call you, you will leave the Shakti retreat a Healer. You will be your own guru and guide in life. Don’t hesitate to express your interest already today, so that you can participate in the preparatory exercises well in advance of the retreat. Every participant that is approved to participate will receive exercises and instructions on how to prepare.

Upcoming event

Shakti power retreat 14/6-18/6 at Hannebo, Sweden

The Shakti power retreat

Exclusively for your group

Adi Shakti dear sisters! Are you already a group of amazing sisters who wants to experience this powerful magic transformation journey together? Now you can book Jenny with the team to lead The Shakti power retreat for you alone. You choose a place of “untouched” nature where we can be undisturbed and you arrange with food and accommodation according to your standards. Minimum number of participants for the retreat to be completed is three and maximum number is 30. Contents: * morning meditation and sacred female yoga. * individual practices sacred female group ceremonies every afternoon/night (shamania from different traditions of the world) * female circles / sharing * dancing/drumming/shanting * working meditation – be at service * working with the elements *( sweat lodge ceremoni if possible) * Full moon or New Moon ceremoni * light language/coded medicine meditation * and much more….

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