Turning a weakness in to a blessing

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I am more pleased with others’ successes than my own. I can lift others and sell in other but have had difficulty doing the same for myself. I pay smoothly what others are worth but have had trouble charging my own worth. I have done som serious soul work on that issue, because that equation got myself on minus both energy, money and health wise. Sometimes it felt like I was a trampoline where people took rate and got helped to fly high while I remained pressed down to the floor. Do you feel me? It is very common that we give too much without filling our own cup up. The flow should be like nature’s cycle, where we give and take in constant balance, so abundance is created for all and all. But even now when my cup is full and I know my worth I still more pleased with others’ successes than my own. Last summer I invited a new photographer who never exhibited earlier to exhibit with me. I coached her through the process, gave her the finest places at the gallery, proudly advertised her pictures and celebrated every sale she had. When a person pointed out that I put myself in the corner again, I felt unsuccessful at first. Did I make a mistake not taking more space for me? Where the hell is my ego when needed? 😛 Then I realized that even if it certainly does not make me the world’s most successful person (or photographer), it’s qualities that make me a fantastic coach. The joyful tears in her eyes when she saw her beautiful pictures hanging on the walls, the joy when she sold her first photo art and received a lot of praise. The pride she felt about herself because she dared take her place and show up with her art. It means more to me than having the full exhibition to myself all the time. I’m successful at something else, to coach a new star to shine. I’m good at activating people and developing their creativity. As a coach, it’s good to act like a trampoline where people can take the opportunity to dare to jump high. We should teach all what we know to people and then allow them to fly freely, so they know that not even the sky is the limit. I am looking forward to the success of other people. It is a nice quality. I’ll keep it.
What quality do you have that sometimes makes trouble for you but also can be a big blessing? What characteristics do you want to change and what are you keeping in your life?

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