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I`ll admit it at ones so you know what you will get on my side: Too much! Too much color, knowledge, passion, dedication, joy and love, yes simply too much of LIFE! ❤

From that we are kids, the society is training us for adaptation. It hurts when we do not fit into the established boxes. But for whose sake do you live your life? Who benefits from you playing small? You are entitled to live your life and be happy. If your surroundings do not allow you to shine like the sun, get a new environment. You have much more power over your life than you think.

I’m not here to tell you that everything will be fine just writing gratitude lists and saying, ”I love you” to yourself in the mirror. I’m here because I have almost 25 years of experience helping people in extremely vulnerable situations to a happy and safe life. I’m here because the majority of all people who have everything to be happy make themselves unhappy. I am here because I am fully convinced that every human being has a purpose on earth that is significant. It is only selfish to not live in its full potential. The more you have of yourself the more you can give to others.

I wonder why people often wait to go to a coach or work on personal development until they’re stuck in the shit. My experience of successful people is that they do the opposite. They like to have five coaches in different areas that guide them to new heights so their developing never ends. You should not wait until the crisis, before investing in support and personal development. It’s like waiting to go to the gym until you really are too unfit to work out anymore. When life hits us and we feel bad, it’s often vital to get help, but it’s when we feel good and life works great that we can really learn to fly if we get us some help.

It has taken me a while to become friends with the idea of ​​using the internet for my work as a coach and healer, but I have seen what significance it has made for people all over the world when my brave colleagues started their online businesses. So I ran out of excuses.

My duty is to share the unique knowledge I have in different areas. I want to be there for you wherever you are in the world and in life. Your task is to be courageous and say yes. Here with me, you can never be too much, here you get to be all of you!

Reclaim yourself at every level!

Expand your health

Expand your health