Your voice matters

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Visualize that you have a microphone that ALL people across the world can hear.
This is your chance to influence all mankind. In one sentence , formulate quickly what you want to say.
What is your message to the world? When I did this exercise, my message became: “Do not be afraid – Love each other!” Everyone else on the course had the same message: Love. Different formulations but always a message of love.
We want to see a change in the world, we want to see love in the world, we want all beings to feel good.
This change begins with ourselves. You are the material you have to work with so it’s better to like it.

Therefore, my message to you is ”Reclaim yourself at every level” I have done that. You can do that.
And when you change, the world changes around you. Let’s never stop developing. Let’s never be silent. What would you say if you knew the whole world listened to you?

Reclaim yourself at every level!

Expand your health

Expand your health